Ram Trucks just revealed its first electric truck, the Ram 1500 REV, but the auto manufacturer is already working on a midsize EV pickup it will unveil to dealers next month.

Ram to reveal midsize electric truck in March

After discontinuing the Dakota in 2011, Ram has been left with a glaring hole in its vehicle lineup. The Dakota was a popular option through the 2000s, but declining popularity of compact trucks at the time led to the decision as other automakers like Ford followed with its Ranger pickup.

Although there have been several rumors since of the Dakota making its return with resurging interest in trucks, particularly smaller ones, like the Ford Maverick, Ram has stood by its decision.

However, the auto industry’s transition to electric vehicles may present an opportunity for Ram to reestablish itself in the segment.

According to MotorTrend, Ram CEO Mike Koval says a midsize electric truck concept will be shown to dealers at a planned meeting in March to “see if it is the right truck.”

As part of Stellantis’s Dare Forward 2030 strategy, Ram’s entire lineup will eventually become electric. Still, a midsize truck will be a nice addition to the portfolio of full-size trucks and commercial vans.

Details are scarce about the new EV truck with no set platform or style. However, if it’s any indication from its first electric vehicle design, the Ram 1500 REV, it will likely resemble that of a typical Ram with a modern twist. As Koval explains, “you don’t abandon your core.”

Although it’s likely to ride on the STLA Large architecture, nothing is set in stone at this point. The first EV from Ram to debut will be the Ram Promaster, a full-size commercial electric van with Amazon as a commercial fleet client later this year.

Production of the Ram 1500 REV is planned for next year, with reservations now open on their website. If Ram were to release a midsize electric truck, it likely wouldn’t be until at least 2025.

Electrek’s Take

With rising demand for compact and midsize electric trucks, why wouldn’t Ram hop on this opportunity to redefine the brand?

Several other automakers have already tossed around the idea, but if one came to market, I believe it would generate demand. General Motors has designed a “futuristic and sporty” looking compact electric truck as part of their under-$30K, affordable EV portfolio.

Although GM’s would presumably be much smaller than Ram’s concept, you can see automakers’ interest in downsizing.

What are everyone’s thoughts about a midsize EV pickup from Ram? Check back next month for updates on the truck makers’ plans.

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