Tesla has released a new mobile app update that gives owners better insights into their vehicle’s battery pack, among other things.

The mobile app is at the center of the Tesla ownership experience.

It is used to unlock and start a Tesla vehicle, and whenever the owner is not in the vehicle, it has some powerful features that can control charging, climate, and virtually everything to do with Tesla vehicles.

The automaker regularly pushes new updates to improve the app, and today we reported on a new one (Tesla App 4.19 via Not A Tesla App).

One of the primary improvements is to the charging tab:

  • Tesla will display the portion of the battery that is unavailable due to the battery pack’s cold temperature directly in the charging slider.
  • The tick marks that are displayed at 10% intervals are now always visible; previously, they were only displayed when the slider was being moved.

When a Tesla vehicle has been parked in the cold for an extended period of time, it loses some battery capacity until it warms up.

Now owners will get better insights into how much capacity they are losing:

In this update, Tesla has also added the capacity to manage charging membership:

In addition to Manage Payment and History, there is now a new ‘Membership’ option to manage your membership for charging non-Teslas. In this menu, you’ll be able to sign up, cancel or renew your charging membership. The charging membership lowers the price per kW at Superchargers for non-Teslas, although there is a five session limit per day.

Finally, as we previously reported, Tesla is launching a new feature to help homeowners with rooftop solar to charge their Tesla vehicles with excess solar power.

We now learn that Tesla is appropriately calling the feature “Drive on Sunshine”:

It looks like the feature will not be available in every market at first. The company is going to make at available in specific markets.

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