Tesla Supercharger locations are now being integrated into Rivian’s navigation system as part of the automaker’s latest software update.

After years of planning and speculation, Tesla finally opened up the first few Supercharger stations to non-Tesla electric vehicles in the US last month. Tesla is integrating what it calls the Magic Dock as a new docking station for its connector on some Supercharger stations.

When a Tesla vehicle comes to charge, it acts as a regular docking station for the Tesla connector, but when a non-Tesla EV comes to charge, through the Tesla mobile app, they can unlock the Magic Dock and turn it into a CCS adapter.

It is going to be a game changer for electric vehicle owners as many consider Tesla’s Supercharger network to be the best DC fast-charging network in the US. But for now, only a dozen stations have this Magic Dock.

Even though it’s just starting, some automakers are already taking advantage of this.

Rivian, which has a very similar charging strategy to Tesla, has already released a new software update that includes these Supercharger locations with Magic Dock in their navigation system:

Your vehicle now shows select Tesla Supercharger locations with a Magic Dock in the Navigation app’s charger filters. A Magic Dock allows you to charge your Rivian at select Tesla Supercharger locations. These locations also show in the Rivian mobile app version 1.12 or later. To charge at a Tesla Supercharger, you need to download the Tesla app.

As previously stated, Rivian has a similar approach to charging as Tesla with its own Rivian-branded Adventure Charging network while most other automakers rely on third-party networks. However, Rivian is still early in the deployment of its own network with only two dozen stations in operation to date.

Therefore, Rivian owners still have to rely on third-party networks and now adding Tesla’s Supercharger network to the mix is going to be helpful as more stations get the Magic Dock.

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