Gwyneth Paltrow’s accuser, who claims he became a “self-imposed recluse” after a 2016 ski crash has been shown multiple Facebook photos of him travelling following the incident.

Terry Sanderson, a 76-year-old retired optometrist, said he was “living another life” after a collision with Ms Paltrow on a Utah ski slope, which he says left him with broken ribs and severe brain injuries.

He is suing the movie star for $300,000 (£244,000), while Ms Paltrow is counter-suing for the nominal amount of $1, saying Mr Sanderson hit her.

Taking the stand for a second time in the case, Mr Sanderson was shown pictures by Paltrow’s lawyers, taken from his own Facebook page, of him enjoying multiple holidays after the accident, including hiking and skiing.

He accepted he had travelled to multiple countries and attended a Cinco de Mayo (5 May) celebration and rock gig.

Mr Sanderson said he travelled because “it was part of the healing process” as he “was told by several neurologists and cognitive therapists” to return to his routine of travelling, which happened “since retirement mostly”.

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He claimed he struggled during the trips, unable to go by himself.

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He added: “Looking back at that time, I was determined to prove I didn’t have any mental issues.”

Mr Sanderson then said it was “very difficult” to sue a celebrity and his life had been “exposed” during the lawsuit.

Having already testified, Ms Paltrow said she felt “very sorry” for her accuser’s health following the incident, but that she was not “at fault” and had been the crash “victim” instead.

Mr Sanderson then apologised to Ms Paltrow for previously referring to her as sounding “like King Kong coming out of the jungle”, clarifying that his intention had been “twisted up”.

Closing arguments are to be presented on Thursday.

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