In a first-of-its-kind collaboration, Hyundai is teaming up with the visionary wizards from Walt Disney Imagineering to create a Disney-inspired IONIQ 5 electric SUV concept complete with visual elements, accents, music, and lightning.

Hyundai released its widely acclaimed IONIQ 5 with a progressive approach allowing its engineers to think outside the box.

The IONIQ 5 is Hyundai’s first dedicated electric vehicle, making its official debut in 2021 as the South Korean automaker looks toward a sustainable future.

As Hyundai’s engineers have explained, what truly brings the IONIQ 5 to life is the company’s Electric Globular Modular Platform (E-GMP), offering long-range capabilities and a wide and useful interior space.

The IONIQ 5 has attracted an entirely new, premium user base, according to Hyundai, giving it the confidence to take bolder chances in the future, like with the upcoming IONIQ 7 SUV.

Hyundai is embracing unconventionality once again, teaming up with Walt Disney Imagineering, the brains behind the rides, attractions, resorts, and many of the fun, entertaining things that set Disney apart and make it a “truly magical experience” to develop a Disney-inspired IONIQ 5 EV concept.

Hyundai works with Disney Imagineers for IONIQ 5 concept

The collaboration is in celebration of Disney’s 100th anniversary, with Hyundai unveiling the IONIQ 5 Disney100 Platinum concept at the New York Auto Show on Wednesday.

The limited-edition all-electric SUV features unique Disney-inspired visual accents and entertainment, such as lightning and the iconic Disney music you hear in the background at the parks.

Angela Zepeda, chief marketing officer for Hyundai Motor America, is excited about the partnership, saying:

This is the first time that Disney has opened the doors to their design studio and granted access to Disney’s iconic characters for an artistic collaboration with an automaker. The IONIQ 5 is Hyundai’s flagship all-electric vehicle, and we are excited to share a limited edition version that will deliver an unforgettable experience for any Disney fan.

The Hyundai IONIQ 5 Disney100 Platinum concept will include several exclusive features, including:

  • Gravity gold matte exterior color
  • Disney-inspired wheel styles
  • Disney100 exterior badging
  • Disney100 logo embossed on the front seat headrests and center console
  • Disney100 logo on the floormats
  • “Hidden Mickey” custom wheels
  • Lamp screens with Disney spark animations across the headlights and taillights
  • Moon roof etching details (with a touch of pixie dust, of course)
  • Disney-themed intro on the interior screen when entering the vehicle with Disney music, logo, and more pixie dust.

For over 100 years, Disney has been inspiring audiences with timeless storytelling and innovative experiences, Rita Ferro, president of advertising sales at Disney, explains. Ferro added that the new collaboration with Hyundai:

Provided us with a unique way to celebrate our Disney100 anniversary and bring brands closer to the magic we create every day for consumers.

Hyundai says the actual production model may vary and will be available for sale in late 2023 with “extremely limited availability.”

Although the specs could change for the Disney-inspired model, Hyundai’s IONIQ 5 offers an EPA range of up to 303 miles.

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