Italian automaker Fiat is teasing what it calls “the cutest way to electrify cities.” Today, the company revealed the name and first image of its upcoming all-electric quadricycle – the Fiat Topolino. Have a look – do you think it captures Fiat’s “dolce vita” Italian spirit?

Despite the consistent waffling of parent company Stellantis’ CEO Carlos Tavares, Fiat has looked to transition its entire lineup of compact and city-friendly vehicles into EVs. The name “Topolino” is actually Italian for “small mouse,” but the name has more history with Fiat than an Italian association with Disney’s Mickey character.

The Topolino moniker actually dates back to the 1930s when Fiat first introduced its 500 car – one of the smallest in the world at the time. The two-door vehicle would evolve over two decades as a saloon and even a convertible – but while the 500 brand is still recognized today, the “Topolino” nickname has less association with the model.

As a nod to its past, Fiat has fully embraced the “small mouse” mentality and developed a canvas-top electric quadricycle that’s as cute as it is functional.

No doors, no problem – the Fiat Topolino is here

We don’t have many other details at this point other than our first image and official name of the new Fiat, but the Topolino is definitely a head-turner, whether that’s a good or bad thing. The door ropes give some serious amusement park ride vibes – just enough to keep you from falling out but still enough freedom to let the intrusive thoughts in.

However, it is a classified as quadricycle in Europe, meaning it cannot reach speeds higher than 45 km/h (approximately 28 mph). That also means that anyone 14 or older with a motorcycle license can drive it. Judging by its cute design, teenage girls are gonna love this thing. Fiat spoke to its goal of reaching a younger generation with the Topolino to promote sustainable city driving:

It is perfectly suitable for the city and people looking for a sustainable and fresh mobility solution, fitting in with FIAT’s democratic mission of providing urban sustainable mobility solutions which are accessible to everyone. Catering to young generations, the Topolino is more than a mobility device. Thanks to its charming design which is fit for every generation, it will make young people fall in love with cars again. Moreover, the new Fiat Topolino will play a socially active role in promoting electric mobility in cities and a special role in creating a personal mobility solution for the entire family.

The Topolino is expected to be assembled alongside its microcar siblings at Stellantis’ plant in Morocco. What do you think? Did the Topolino make you smile? Would you cruise around Rome in this thing like Lizzie McGuire?

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