Ford says F-150 Lightning price cuts are driving up orders as production ramp begins


Good news for those looking to buy Ford’s electric truck. Ford Motor announced Tuesday that F-150 Lightning orders have increased by 600% following the drastic price cuts last month. The automaker says it’s now on track to triple annual production capacity by this fall to meet the higher demand.

Ford ups Lightning production to satisfy higher orders

Following a six-week revamp and expansion at the Ford Rouge Electric Vehicle Center, the company expects to hit its targeted annual run rate of 150,000 electric truck models by this fall.

Although the temporary shutdown at Ford’s EV plant limited customer deliveries over the past few months, Ford says it’s ready to accelerate the ramp-up process to help meet the higher demand.

Ford’s Rouge EV Center is forecasted to build over 70,000 F-150 Lightning electric trucks this year, with the production ramp for US customers expected this fall. The move will help support “shorter order-to-delivery times for customers.”

In addition, Ford is focusing on high-demand trims, such as the XLT, which accounts for over 50% of new orders. The Lightning Pro trim is also now available for retail customers but in very limited numbers. These units will be sent to reservation holders who have been waiting since the launch.

Ford F-150 Lightning (Source: Ford)

Director of manufacturing, Debbie Manzano, said:

We are all looking forward to getting these F-150 Lightning trucks into the hands of our customers – from the U.S. to Norway. This milestone is the result of a lot of hard work and collaboration.

The revamp is expected to drive higher quality while improving efficiency with new tools like equipment that automatically measures and confirms vehicle body fit for precision, a first for Ford.

Ford says battery pack production is also ramping up at its Rawsonville components plant while its Van Dyke electric powertrain center is scaling production of EV power units to meet the higher number of vehicles going through the assembly.

Ford F-150 Lightning (Source: Ford)

Following the drastic F-150 Lightning price cuts (up to nearly $10K off on some models) last month, Ford says the lower prices are driving demand. Since the Lightning price cuts took effect, Ford has seen a 300% increase in web traffic and a 600% increase in orders.

If you’re ready to take advantage of Ford’s recent price cuts, you can use our link here to reach out and find an F-150 Lightning at a great price at a dealer near you.

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