Biden told ally he is weighing up whether to run against Trump – New York Times


Joe Biden has told an ally he is weighing up whether to run against Donald Trump in November’s US election, the New York Times is reporting.

Joe Biden said overnight on Tuesday he “nearly fell asleep” during last week’s first presidential debate during which commentators widely said he performed poorly.

He put his performance down to travel exhaustion after going “around the world a couple of times” shortly before the debate.

The US president, 81, admitted he “wasn’t very smart” for having travelled extensively in the weeks leading up to the first TV debate of the election campaign in Atlanta.

His performance was such that friends and foes alike have told him to quit the race for the White House.

Mr Biden told supporters at a campaign event in Virginia on Tuesday: “I decided to travel around the world a couple times, going through around 100 time zones.”

He added he “didn’t listen” to his staff, “came back and nearly fell asleep on stage”.

“That’s no excuse but it is an explanation,” he added while admitting: “I didn’t have my best night.”

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