Tesla adds demo drives to its referral program


Tesla has added sign-ups to demo drives to its owner referral program; it now reward owners for singing up people to test drive Tesla vehicles.

For Tesla and most electric vehicles, the best way to sell them is with butts in seats.

When people experience electric propulsion for the first time, it generally produces a grin that lights a switch in people’s head.

Tesla also has a somewhat unique minimalist interior design and some cool features that make it easier to sell when people are experiencing them.

Now to get more butts in seats, Tesla is using its referral program to get people to sign up for demo drives.

Tesla has added a new option to refer people to demo drives rather than directly refer them to buy:

Tesla owners are incentivized to sign people up to test drive with 100 Tesla credits per sign-up.

For potential buyers, if they buy following a demo drive from a referrer, they will get the benefits of buying through the referral program:

  • Model 3 or Model Y: $500 off and 3 months of Full Self-Driving package
  • Model S or Model X: $1,000 off and 3 months of Full Self-Driving package

These are incentives that Tesla added to the program last month as it appears to move away from slashing prices and rely more on the referral to offer incentives.

If you want to test drive a Tesla, you can book a demo drive here.

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