Tesla Cybertrucks in showrooms attract large crowds


Tesla has populated its showrooms with Cybertruck units ahead of the launch and it was successful in attracting crowds.

Last week, we reported that Tesla has started to bring early Cybertruck vehicles to showrooms around the US.

At the time, they were only in two stores, but we noted that it looked like they could be in many more in the next few days.

Sure enough, Cybertrucks were in more than a dozen Tesla stores across North America by the weekend.

In our report, we noted that Tesla was likely trying to capitalize on the attention around the Cybertruck ahead of the launch to bring more people into stores and hopefully, some of that attention rubs on Tesla’s existing lineup.

If that was the goal, it was successful.

Crowds of people were spotted at several stores where Tesla brought a Cybertruck.

For example, at the Langley store in Canada, a line of people were forming outside the location:

The line at the Langley, BC store was apparently going all day for the Cybertruck:

Here’s another example of a Tesla store full of people to take seflies with the truck:

The Miami store with the Cybertruck was also quite a scene:

It’s too early to say if it helped Tesla make some sales for the end of the quarter, but it was undoubtedly successful in bringing people into stores.

Tesla is likely going to keep adding Cybertrucks to stores to give reservation holders an opportunity to see the electric pickup truck in person as it tries to convert reservations into orders after the official launch on November 30th.

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