Tesla spotted building a fleet of over 25 Cybertrucks ahead of the launch


Tesla has been spotted building a decent-size fleet of over 25 Cybertrucks at Gigafactory Texas ahead of the launch event on Thursday.

After a lot of anticipation, years of waiting, and some delays, Tesla is finally going to deliver the Cybertruck at an event on November 30th. That’s this upcoming Thursday.

We have been suspecting that Tesla would only deliver the electric pickup truck to employees and company insiders since it has yet to announce specs and pricing for the production version of the vehicle.

Until recently, it was never clear how many Cybertruck Tesla was prepared to deliver at the event.

Some have been clinging to the hope that the automaker could quickly deliver large numbers of Cybertruck, as many have been spotted being produced at Gigafactory Texas in the last few months.

However, CEO Elon Musk has warned to temper expectations when it comes to Cybertruck production.

He said to expect a slow ramp-up and that Tesla isn’t likely to achieve volume production until about 18 months into production.

Tesla product design director Javier Verdura recently gave one more piece of information. He said that Tesla only plans to deliver the first 10 Cybertrucks at the event this week.

This disappointed many who were holding on to the idea that Tesla might surprised with more deliveries.

To support their argument, Tesla has been producing an impressive number of Cybertrucks ahead of the launch.

Just today, drone pilot Jeff Roberts spotted more than 25 Tesla Cybertrucks at Gigafactory Texas:

That’s on top of over a dozen Cybertrucks being delivered to Tesla stores across North America over the last 2 weeks.

Tesla also built many Cybertrucks for testing over the last year. There has been evidence that the automaker built a few hundred trucks for the Cybertruck test program.

But more important than the number of trucks Tesla ends up delivering to a few employees at the event is how fast Tesla will ramp up deliveries to customers.

We are a bit hopeful due to the number of Cybertrucks being spotted lately.

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