Mazda announces NACS adoption – its many EVs are going to flood Tesla Superchargers


Mazda is the latest automaker to announce that it will adopt NACS, Tesla’s open-source charging standard.

It’s going to Mazda’s very few EVs access to Tesla Superchargers.

Virtually all automakers selling electric vehicles in North America have announced that they will adopt Tesla’s NACS connector in future electric vehicles to take advantage of the Supercharger network.

Most of them have said that the rollout will take the form of an adapter in 2024, followed by a direct integration in new electric vehicles starting in 2025.

Mazda was one of the last few automakers to have yet to announce NACS adoption, but it wasn’t a big concern considering Mazda has so few electric vehicles in the North American market.

Today, the Japanese automaker officially announced that it reached a deal with Tesla and will adopt NACS:

Mazda Motor Corporation (“Mazda”) today announced an agreement was reached with Tesla, Inc. (“Tesla”) to adopt the North American Charging Standard (“NACS”) for charging ports on the company’s Battery Electric Vehicles (“BEVs”) launched in North America from 2025 onward.

Mazda’s announcement is different from other automakers as it doesn’t mention the introduction of an adapter ahead of the direct NACS integration on new EVs starting in 2025.

It’s not too surprising, considering Mazda has virtually no electric vehicles in North America.

There’s no concern about them flooding the Tesla Supercharger anytime soon.

We recently learned that Tesla should start providing CCS to NACS adapters to GM and Ford EV owners as soon as next month.

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