Tesla leaks new Model 3 Performance ‘Ludicrous’ details


Tesla has leaked some details about its elusive new Model 3 Performance ‘Ludicrous’, which is expected to launch any day.

The new Model 3 Performance, which could be named ‘Ludicrous’ based on the badges seen on some prototypes, has been expected to launch any day for over a month.

It was confirmed that the automaker was planning a new performance version of the Model 3 Highland with new badges showing up in the updated Tesla parts catalog.

Tesla also updated the renderings in its app with new sports seats that are expected to be meant for the new Model 3 Performance.

More recently, Model 3 Performance prototypes were spotted with camouflage. It did appear to show a further updated front lip compared to the new Model 3, which already features a new bumper.

Tesla invited Youtubers to check out the vehicle at an event in California earlier this month, but the automaker has yet to officially unveil the vehicle.

Now, we learn a few more details via Tesla’s own order page source code (via the Tesla Motors Club forum).

Here are the new details confirmed by Tesla through the leak:

  • All-new adaptive damping powered by in-house software gives you enhanced body control, without sacrificing daily usability or comfort.
  • The latest generation driving mode integrates adaptive suspension controls with a performance-optimised powertrain to deliver more response and fun behind the wheel
  • Track Mode V3 features all-new calibration for the powertrain and adaptive suspension to give you more authority behind the wheel, you can customise handling balance, stability controls and regenerative braking to set the car up how you like it.
  • All-new seat design with enhanced side and cushion bolsters hold you in place, while ventilation keeps you cool.
  • Bespoke chassis and suspension hardware is tuned to provide intuitive, razor-sharp response to driver inputs.
  • Forged Performance wheels, Lightweight, staggered wheels provide sharper turn-in response, improved predictability, increased traction out of corners and optimised aerodynamics.
  • Enhanced pedal feel and improved heat management ensure consistent braking at all speeds and across a wider temperature range.
  • The lightweight carbon fibre décor and refined weave pattern is unique to Model 3 Performance

The page also has some specs, but those look like they could be old specs or placeholders.

However, the webpage source code includes this mention:

All-new high-performance drive units deliver more than combined 500 horsepower and 0-60 mph in {ACCELERATION} seconds. Welcome to the most powerful Model 3 ever

Tesla is expected to unveil and start taking orders for the new Model 3 Performance next week – either on April 20th or 23rd.

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