Poll to reveal projected winner of election – and the big beasts set to lose their seats


At 5pm today, Sky News will publish the first YouGov poll-based projection of the campaign.

The pollster, which has partnered with Sky News for the election, pioneered the technique to call every seat in Great Britain on the basis of extensive polling.

This will allow Sky News to bring you YouGov’s projected winner and the size of the majority, as well as the makeup of the House of Commons and the names of any big beasts set to lose their seats.

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The poll uses the MRP (Multi-level Regression and Poststratification) technique, which was the first to point to Theresa May falling short of an overall majority in the 2017 election.

The technique first identifies the views of certain groups of voters. Then by knowing the type of voter in each seat, it projects what will happen in each one.

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From 5pm we will be able to dig in by region and look at how the political makeup is shifting in this election campaign.

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