Tesla releases new software update with improvements to adaptive headlights, and more


Tesla has started to release a new software update that brings improvements to its adaptive headlights, games, and more.

Today, Tesla announced the start of the rollout of its 2024.20 software update.

The main new feature is the fact that the adaptive headlight feature for its vehicles equipped with matrix LED headlights will now be able to adapt to curves in the road.

The automaker wrote in the release notes:

Adaptive Headlights improvements (vehicles with matrix LED headlights)

Headlights adapt for curves in the road ahead of you & also illuminate more when you’re driving on a highway.

Tesla is also bringing improvements to its AC when using the auto mode.

The automaker wrote in the release notes:

Hot weather improvements (all Model 3/Y & new Model S/X)

When set to Auto, the AC now cools down the cabin faster & your vehicle better regulates the HV Battery temperature for enhanced Supercharger performance.

Tesla also says AC improvements will result in quieter climate control for the Cybertruck.

Finally, Tesla also brought a fun new feature to ‘Tesla Arcade’, its in-car video game platform.

For Beach Buggy, one of Tesla’s most popular in-car games, gamers can now set records to compete in a leaderboard specific to Supercharger stations:

Beach Buggy Supercharger racing

When at a Supercharger, compete in Beach Buggy Racing to set the fastest time on the leaderboard against other players.

The automaker release this picture:


Tesla is starting to roll out the update now, but it can take some time before it propagates to the entire fleet.

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