Tesla starts selling the new Model 3 Performance in China


Tesla is starting to officially sell the new Model 3 Performance in China and it is going to be interesting to see how the vehicle does in the market.

Tesla launched the new, refreshed Model 3, sometimes referred to as Model 3 Highland, almost a year ago in China, but the automaker only unveiled the new Performance trim of the updated version of the Model 3 just over a month ago.

There have been some regulatory issues that held up the start of deliveries, but the floodgates have recently opened in North America, and now it looks like the same is happening in China.

Today, Tesla announced on Weibo, a Chinese social media platform, that it is moving to sell the new Performance version with deliveries starting in the coming weeks (translated from Chinese):

I am very happy to announce to you that the Model 3 Performance Edition will be officially sold from pre-sale from now on, and the first batch of deliveries is expected to start in mid-June!! Come and try out this high performance car!

The new Model 3 Performance starts at ¥335,900 (~$46,000 USD) in China:

The new trim could help Tesla boost its average price per sale in China, the largest EV market in the world.

The new Model 3 Performance takes advantage of the efficiency improvements Tesla introduced in the new version of the Model 3 while adding performance enhancements.

While the Model S Plaid is Tesla’s flagship performance vehicles, many prefer the Model 3 Performance for its smaller size and lighter weight.

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