Tesla Cybertruck makes it to Dubai as police vehicle


Tesla Cybertruck, which is officially only sold in the US, has made it to Dubai and it’s apparently going to be a police vehicle.

Over the last year, Tesla has taken Cybertruck units all over the world for marketing purposes, but Tesla’s plan to bring the vehicle to markets outside of North America is still unclear.

However, new Tesla vehicles are usually purchased privately and imported to other markets, and the Cybertruck is no exception.

We are not surprised to learn that one of the first outside markets, if not the first, is Dubai.

There are a lot of rare vehicles in Dubai and not only in private collections. The Dubai police is known to have some supercars in its own fleet and now it announced that it is adding the Tesla Cybertruck:

The vehicle is already being spotted around Dubai, and it is apparently being used by Crown Sheikh Hamdan’s entourage:

We recently reported on Unplugged Performance unveiling a Cybertruck custom-built for police patrol, but we noted that, like what Dubai is doing here, it was mainly to promote the electrification of police vehicles.

That’s because the Cybertruck currently starts at $100,000 with its Foundation Series trim. There are other EV options that makes more sense for police vehicles.

But it’s nonetheless interesting to see the Cybertruck being used by people other than Tesla outside of the US.

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