Hyundai opens pre-orders for new Casper Electric EV starting at $23,000, $15K with rebates


The newest low-cost EV has officially hit the market. Hyundai opened pre-orders for its new Casper Electric in Korea, starting at just $22,800 (31.5 million won). With rebates, Hyundai expects the starting price to drop to under $14,500 (20 million won).

Hyundai opens orders for new Casper Electric

After teasing the new affordable EV several times, Hyundai introduced the Casper Electric (known as the Inster EV in Europe) last month.

The Casper EV is the “new standard for popularizing electric vehicles,” according to Hyundai. Hyundai’s new electric car is based on the gas-powered Casper sold in Korea.

Like other new models, Hyundai infused a modern design, including its signature DRL headlights and pixelated turn signals. If you’ve seen the new 2024 Hyundai Kona Electric, you can see how Hyundai’s new design elements stand out.

Hyundai’s new Casper Electric gets up to 196 miles (315 km) driving range in Korea. In Europe, it is rated at up to 221 miles (255 km) in the WLTP range.

The Casper EV can charge from 10% to 80% in 30 minutes. It also includes vehicle-to-load (V2L) capabilities, which allow you to power electronics, tools, or home appliances.

Hyundai Casper Electric (Source: Hyundai)

With the gas-powered Casper starting at roughly $15,000, we knew the electric model would be similar or slightly more.

Hyundai opened orders for the new Casper Electric in Korea on Tuesday. The starting price is $22,800 (31.5 million won). With government incentives and rebates, Hyundai expects base “Inspiration” model prices to start at under $14,500 (20 million won).

Hyundai Casper Electric interior (Source: Hyundai)

A Hyundai official said, “In order to truly popularize electric vehicles, we have prepared the Casper Electric with unrivaled product competitiveness and reasonable price.” The spokesperson added, “The Casper Electric will be a new standard and the most attractive choice for many customers considering purchasing an electric vehicle.”

The first available to order is the “Inspiration” trim. Hyundai will introduce premium and off-road models next.

Hyundai Casper Electric (Source: Hyundai)

Hyundai’s new Casper Electric has more second-row and trunk space than the gas-powered model. The interior also features dual 10.25″ infotainment and driver display screens, a steering wheel with interactive pixel lights, and ambient lighting.

Would you buy Hyundai’s new Casper Electric for $23,000? What about $14,500? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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