This is a Tesla Model 3… no really


A coach design team built a Mercedes 300SL that is more Tesla Model 3 than anything else – at least underneath the body.

Tesla powertrains are popular in retro-builds, where people convert old cars to electric powertrains.

Many early salvaged Tesla Model S vehicles were used for that very purpose.

Now, we are starting to see some Model 3s being used the same way, but the people at S-Klub LA went a bit further and created this thing:

It looks like a Mercedes 300 SL with a Tesla Model 3 powertrain, but it’s actually a Tesla Model 3 with a Mercedes 300 SL fiberglass replica body.

S-Klub LA went further. It’s not just due to the replica body that I say it’s more Model 3 than 300SL. They didn’t just use the Model 3’s powertrain. They also kept the steering wheel, rack, and center display, which also acts as the instrument cluster in the Model 3:

But I was really impressed when I saw that they even reinstalled the Model 3’s Autopilot cameras around this 300SL Tesla.

Now I don’t know how well this is working as you would have to recalibrate them for the different positions due to the different body, but if it works well, that would be impressive.

What do you think about this project? Dope or nope?

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